Accounts, Access Codes, and Data

How do I back up my workout data?

By default, CardioTrainer will automatically back up all of your data using the Google account that your device is registered to (the one you used when you first set up your device). The app will also create a unique access code. 

Unfortunately, if you use your phone with multiple accounts, or use Google Apps, it’s not yet possible to choose which account your data is connected to. 

How do I transfer or restore my data if something happens to my device?

CardioTrainer will automatically restore all of your data if the new device is using the same Google account you used when you first started using CardioTrainer. 

If you're using a new Google account with your new device, contact us at with the subject line: "merge access codes". Include in this message the two email addresses (indicating which is old and which is new) and the access codes associated with each email address if you have them. 


How do I view my exercise data online? 


We have all of your exercise data saved to our servers, and have created a website on which you can view your history. To do this, log in to the CardioTrainer website at with your access code.


How do I export my data? 

It is possible to export your workout data in KML and GPX file types. 

To do this, log in to the CardioTrainer website at with your access code. Select the track from the left, and click on either “export KML” or “export GPX” at the top of the map.

You can also export your entire workout history in the CSV file format to open as a spreadsheet. Click on your track overview (the first in the list that shows the large circle over the map), and then select “export workout history” at the top of the map.



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