Energy Density Explanation


I’m sorry about that! Would you mind if I explain why we did that?

Our food logging is based upon Energy Density, a concept from the diet book Volumetrics. Energy Density is the number of calories in a food divided by the number of grams. Both are visible on any nutrition facts label. For example, a food with 200 calories in 100 grams has an Energy Density of 2.

Here’s a quick guide:
Energy Density < 1: Eat your fill. These are healthy foods!
Energy Density between 1 and 2: Begin to limit the amount you eat
Energy Density greater than 2: Definitely practice portion control.

As a handy guide, just look at the Grams and Calories on the Nutrition Facts. If Calories are less than grams, go right ahead! If they’re equivalent, or there are twice the calories as grams, be attentive. If Calories are more than double grams, watch out!


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