Noom Walk FAQ

What does Noom Walk do?
Noom Walk is the social pedometer -- it keeps track of your daily, weekly, and all-time steps, and shares that information with select friends. 

Does Noom Walk integrate with Noom Weight Loss Coach?
Yup! If you install Noom Weight Loss Coach, we share your step information from Walk to the Coach. This lets you establish step count goals, and see your step counts, meal logging, and exercise tracking all in one place. 

Why does Noom Walk ask to use Android system permissions?

  1. The "your accounts" permissions are for signing you up for Noom updates, but we'll only actually email you if you consent in the sign up flow.
  2. The "your social information" permission is for inviting your friends to Noom Walk. Again, we won't actually act on this without your permission.
  3. The "your system tools" permission is just for saving temporary app files.

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