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  1. My Account 

    1. I forgot my password! HELP!
    2. I love Noom! How can I renew my subscription?
    3. How can I cancel my subscription to Noom Pro?
    4. My Noom pro subscription got canceled without me initiating the cancel!
    5. I’m a Pro Noomer but can’t access Pro features. What do I do?
  2. My Noom Group! 

    1. I'm a Noom Groups Facilitator! How can I add some more members to my group?
    2. Can I send a private message to someone in my group?
    3. Check out my grub! How can I share a meal with my group?
    4. Can I join a Noom Group with my friends?
    5. Our Facilitator is M.I.A. Help!
  3. Your Weight Loss Plan 

    1. How often should I be weighing in?
    2. Can I delete a weigh-in?
    3. Can I edit a weigh-in?
    4. How can I change the date and time of my weigh-in reminder?
    5. I've noticed different checkmarks on some days. What do these icons mean?
  4. Food Logging 

    1. What do the green, yellow and red food categories mean?
    2. How does Noom determine my daily calorie budget?
    3. Can I delete a previously logged meal?
    4. Can I change my daily calorie budget?
    5. How do I log a Noom recipe for one of my meals?
  5. Exercise Logging 

    1. How do I log an exercise?
    2. How does exercising affect my daily calorie budget?
    3. How can I edit or delete an exercise?
    4. How do I change my daily step goal?
    5. I've been doing a workout but don't see it in Noom's database.
  6. Recipes 

    1. How to browse Noom's recipe database!
    2. Are Noom recipes available in every country and language?
    3. How to save your favorite recipes!
    4. Who comes up with Noom's yummy recipes?
    5. How much is a serving size?
  7. What apps & devices does Noom sync with?  

    1. How do I sync Noom with HealthKit for iPhone?
    2. How do I connect my Android device to Google Fit?
  8. Noom, Inc Terms and Policies 

    1. Noom Terms and Conditions of Use
    2. Noom's Privacy Policy
    3. Noom, Inc HIPAA Notice
    4. Noom, Inc Research Policy
  9. Your Platinum Coach 

    1. What features do I get with Noom Platinum?
    2. What is a structured weight loss program?
    3. When does my Platinum program start?
    4. Are Platinum Coaches real people, or is this an automated experience?
    5. When is my coach supposed to contact me?
  10. All articles 

    1. Android Application Permissions
    2. Noom Terms and Conditions of Use
    3. Noom Walk FAQ
    4. Stillzeit
    5. Passwort reset

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