Getting Started with Noom Weight

Hi there, and welcome to Noom Weight Loss for iOS! We're looking forward to being your wellness partner and hope that you enjoy using Noom Weight Loss!

First Use of Noom Weight Loss
  • The "lose," "shed," drop," and "ditch" options don't change your Noom experience -- it's just a fun introduction to the app! 
  • Choosing lbs (Imperial) or kg (metric) will impact how you enter your height and weight on the next screen. You can switch between units later on via the settings page.
  • The age options (only, barely, around, exactly) also don't change your weight loss plans.
  • Program intensity has five options to change how aggressively we determine your calorie budget. You can always edit this one later on, too! 
Pro for Noom Weight on iOS
  • Happily, Noom Pro status works seamlessly between iPhone and Android, as long as you use the same account login. If you're having any trouble at all, please just drop us a line over at and get back to you as quickly as possible. 
  • Looking to cancel Noom Pro for iOS? This can only be done via the iTunes Store; more info over here
  • Having trouble giving reminders and high fives to your group? Make sure your push notifications are turned on over at Settings > Notification Center > Noom Weight
  • The articles are you're using to seeing on Android Pro are still around on iPhone! They'll show up weekly in your group feed. 
  • We require accounts so that we can better keep track of your info in the future -- and if you use Facebook, we'll absolutely never post to your timeline!
  • Unfortunately we can't currently sync with any Noom Weight Loss Coach for Android records that you might have stored. Sorry about that!
Logging Food
  • Foods are thrown into one of three calories based on their calorie density -- either healthy (green), OK (yellow), or indulgent (red). We also have another category, zero-calorie (grey), for drinks that don't have any calories, such as water or black coffee. 
  • If you're trying to log something that's not in our database, scroll to the bottom and you'll see "Manually add [food]?," and then you can log the number of calories associated with that food.

Logging Workouts
  • To log a workout, just select "do more..." from the main page of the app!
  • If you choose an exercise that has both time and distance (like running), then we'll go ahead and estimate your distance based on your time if you're not sure :)
  • We'd love to hear feedback from you! Please check out our form over here: or email us at

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